The Benefits Of Autopay

Trojan Storage provides several different monthly payment options for our customers: cash, credit, and check. There are multiple different ways to use these methods: online at, automatic payment with a credit card on file, walk-in, or phone call (not recommended). We do not like charging late fees! If we had it our way, every customer would pay on time every month! Therefore, using methods like calling in with your credit card info, logging in to pay every month, and even coming into the office to pay can provide an obstacle to making these payments on time. We have seen that the most efficient payment method is ‘autopay’– that way you don’t need to set reminders and worry about being charged a late fee in case you forget to make that monthly payment- one less thing in life to worry about!

Reminder on late fees: all rental payments are due on the 1st of each month- regardless of when you moved in. You will be sent a friendly reminder from the site staff if your rent is late- either by text message, email, or phone call. Please be sure that Trojan Storage has the correct phone numbers and email information on file. After a week of no payment, a late fee will automatically be applied to your account. The longer you are late, the higher your fee will be. We want to work with you on ensuring that you never have a late fee, please contact the site staff to ensure that you are using the payment method that works best for you and to let them know your preferred method contact information.

Online Payments 

  • Navigate to
  • Click “Locations” and click the link to your facility.
  • Click “Pay Online”
  • Enter your sign-in information

If you are unsure of your sign in information, give your Trojan Storage facility a call and they will be more than happy to help you out. This is a convenient option that allows you to pay your bill and see your charges itemized before making a payment. The only downside is that you have to remember to log in and pay the bill each month so that you can ensure you’re not late! The best way to do this is to set a reminder on your phone or make a note every month when it is due. 


This is a super easy option that you can set up upon move-in, or whenever you decide to make the switch. It is the highest recommended option by our site staff because it ensures that you are never charged late fees and that your bill is paid in full each month. You will be emailed an itemized receipt each month on your charges as a reminder of your payment so that you are never caught off guard as to where the money went. When choosing this option, ensure that your credit card information is correct and updated if you receive a new card. If you would like to switch credit cards, check when your next due date is (always the 1st of the month), check the amount you are paying for, or change your information, you can from your payment profile page at any time. 

You will always be made aware through a 30 day notice if your rent is going to change.

Benefits of Autopay

  • Stay on time: late payments mean  more payments. Autopay enables effortless and timely payments
  • Greener footprint: less resources and energy go into online payments
  • Easier to track: online payment and autopay are much easier to keep track of rather than keeping hard copies of bills, receipts, and payments
  • Peace of mind: realizing you have missed a payment is a great way to ruin a day. Going automatic is one less thing to worry about month to month

Paying your bill by calling the site staff each month or coming into the office to pay can be timely and inconvenient compared to the alternative. Don’t forget that our Trojan Storage staff is always available to help you set up autopay or walk you through how to make an online payment. Give us a call today!