Coat Hangers

4 Quick & Easy Budget Hacks For Creating An Ordered, Tidy & Stress-Free Home.

We personally get so much enjoyment out of helping others take back control of those troublesome clutter-prone areas of their homes; and breathe a little calm into the everyday chaos. Better still, if we can help you all do this without breaking the bank, well that’s icing on the cake!

Here is a breakdown of our top 4 inexpensive organizing hacks, in hopes you can utilize these tips to help you easily replicate these solutions at home.

Hack 1: Kitchen Sink

Under Kitchen Sink
Tension Rod – Daiso $2.80 – to utilize more space under the sink cabinet

Under the kitchen sink is one of the places that many people have trouble keeping tidy. Try to keep the space under the kitchen sink fairly minimal because it’s easier to keep clean, find what you need, and there is less clutter.

Hack 2: Pantry

Organized Pantry
Plastic Tubs – Big Lots $7 – to create inexpensive drawers

Many homes in California are short on pantry space, but is also used daily and often generates a lot of traffic. Pantries come in all different shapes and sizes so it’s important to utilize the space you have effectively. Keeping it practical, tidy and organized shouldn’t be expensive, plus it will mean you can easily find what you need and see when items need replenishing.

Hack 3: Laundry

Laundry Baskets
Baskets – Target $10 – to organize dirty laundry

Laundry is just one of those tasks that we love to hate… it’s never ending and can easily take days to get on top of once it gets out of control. As the dirty clothes come into the laundry, sort them directly into darks, colors, whites, linens, work clothes, etc. piles. Sorting is half the battle and to have this already done when you go to do the washing makes this tedious task so much easier.

Hack 4: Wardrobe

Coat Hangers
Hangers – Target $2 (18 pk.) – to determine which clothes you no longer wear

One thing that we all know that we have way too much of is…..CLOTHES!! Clothes are one thing we find hard to let go of as we always think, “I might wear that one day” or “I really like that”.

Being that it’s the beginning of a new season it’s a great time to give your wardrobe a clean out and use the ‘Hanger Method’.  This method is fabulous if you struggle to part with clothes and help you sort out what clothes to keep and which ones to hand down or donate, so you can really organize your closet and declutter your clothes!

To determine which clothes you no longer wear, turn all your hangers and clothing the opposite way you usually hang them.

When you have worn an item place it back in your closet with the hanger the correct way around.  After 6 months all of the hangers that are the wrong way around are an indication of items you haven’t worn.  If this is so, take the brave step to remove this item from your closet and donate to a friend or charity!