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Staying Awhile? Prep Your Items For A Long Term Stay

Here’s the thing about storage- many people stay a lot longer than they plan on staying. Let’s face it, we all have many belongings that we do not have the household space for- and, once they are out it’s tough to want them back in. Or, if you are planning to be away for a long period of time, like going off to college, extended summer vacations, a year of travel, or you are in between homes, your items are going to be unattended in your unit for quite some time. There are some important pointers we’d like to share that storage customers can take into consideration in order to make sure their belongings remain in tip-top shape while you’re away!   

What to Do:

· Be sure to discuss the items you are storing with the store manager. They are equipped with the knowledge to give you advice on the best size and type of unit you need.

· Keep your linens in the best shape possible. Cover your clothes, curtains, and other delicate materials in a dust sheet or large flat container to avoid damage or creasing. You can even arrange your unit to have clothing racks in protective bags to differentiate them.

· Always pack heavier boxes and items on bottom and lighter on top.

· Furniture: clean your furniture prior, but make sure it is dry so that no moisture will be trapped as you cover the pieces for storing. Cover the individual pieces of furniture (including mattresses) with sheet covering so that they are protected from discoloration. Bubble wrapping also protects the integrity of the furniture when moving.

· Remove the batteries from all of your electronic devices so that they do not corrode, leak, and damage the items you’re storing over time.

· Label your boxes, but also keep a personal list so that you know what is in each box. This helps you avoid digging around for one particular item- especially if you haven’t visited your unit in a while.

What to Avoid:

· Storing anything dirty or wet because this will lead to mildew and mold growth in your unit.

· Avoid storing perishables like food or pet food that will go bad. The food will spoil and may attract pests.

· Combustible, flammable hazardous, or toxic materials do not only put your belongings in danger but endangers the entire facility.

Use your noggin, if it is something you would be hesitant to keep in your house then think twice about putting it in your storage unit. If you have any questions on what may or may not be allowed in your unit, always ask your manager.

It’s important to provide accurate contact details to the site manager while you are away so that they have a way of getting in touch with you and can assign responsible protection of your belongings in case of an emergency or if encountering payment issues.