Find Satisfaction in Being Organized

Do you have the desire to be more organized and productive? Turn that desire into the ability to find satisfaction in being organized!

Simple adjustments to daily habits can make your life a whole lot easier. Changing the way we do things can have a tremendous impact on how we not only view the world, but also the satisfaction we feel at the end of the day. Being organized is an example of this. There are many reasons why being organized can help you find satisfaction as well as be more productive.

A Calming Environment
Staying organized in both your home and work life can have monumental impact on your productivity and state of mind. The more time you have to spend looking for items or finding a place for items, is less time for you to be productive. An organized space is a calm space. While some people thrive in chaos and clutter, most don’t. Therefore, if you stay up on keeping your everyday spaces organized you can rest easier and spend less time worrying about unnecessary things.

Bragging Rights
Admittedly, we all secretly enjoy when a friend comes over to our house and comments on how great everything looks. Well, the same applies with organization. While no one should set out to be organized just for other’s approval, it doesn’t hurt to have others associate you with it. When others know that you are conscientious, neat and orderly, it can lead to them asking you to do other things that require attention and responsibility. It never hurts to have a reputation as someone that keeps things under control. Putting in an effort to maintain an organized life, home and work life, will bring you a sense of pride.

When you maintain a certain level of organization to your life, you can estimate where and when changes will occur. For example, keeping spices in your kitchen organized a certain way will allow you to know when to restock. Wouldn’t it be a nightmare to be cooking for Thanksgiving and not know you are out of a key ingredient? Keeping things neatly organized dramatically cuts down on unpredictable shortages.

Role Modeling
We all have little eyes on us, looking to us to see how to act, engage and explore the world. With that, we all act as role models to our children and employees, too. By implementing organizational skills into your everyday life, you are also modeling that. With your children, this will have a lasting impact on how they grow and even your own relationship with them as they get older. For example, children taught how to be organized are more likely to turn into teenagers that grow up to be just that. In return, they are able to be more independent and productive and require less reminding and oversight than children not taught these skills.

Happy Family

Employees also benefit from a leader that is organized. Keeping an organized work space will increase production and create the before mentioned calming work environment. Teaching others to be organized, can provide you with a tremendous amount of satisfaction.