22 Expert-Approved Bathroom Organizing Ideas to Make the Most of Your Space

The bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in any home. And it’s easy to start your day off on the wrong foot if your bathroom is a mess. So what can you do to keep your bathroom organized? We asked experts for their best bathroom organizing ideas to create the spa-like oasis of your dreams without breaking the bank. Whether you live in a Sacramento apartment or a rental home near Seattle, these tips will help you organize your bathroom and keep it that way, regardless of the square footage.

1. Create a space for storing children’s toys

If your young children are anything like ours, they likely have tons of fun with their favorite bath toys during bath time. But where do you store them when they are not in use? For an easy, affordable hack, get several small plastic baskets, plastic shower curtain rings, and an adjustable tension shower rod to create a space where the toys can dry off while staying out of the way.

– Trojan Storage

2. Opt for Turkish towels

One of the best ways to organize and declutter a bathroom is to get rid of those bulky, smelly, faded terry towels that stack up and swap them for Turkish towels. You’ll not only save yourself a ton of room in your linen closet, but you’ll be adding a clean and stylish design element to your bathroom. In addition to styling your bathroom and saving youstorage space, Turkish towels are brilliant at absorbing a lot of water but drying quickly, so they don’t get the stinky, mildewy smell a traditional terry towel gets.

– The Bali Market

3. Maximize your storage space with stackable containers

Use stackable clear storage containers to show what you have and to stay organized! Buy fewer duplicates so you can easily see what you have without rummaging through drawers. Also, consider stackable storage devices to help save space.

– Declutterd

4. Be strategic about what needs to be in the bathroom

Many people keep things like medications, makeup, or supplements in their bathroom when these items really should be stored in a dry, cool area like a hall closet or a kitchen if possible. If you can reduce the amount of stuff in your bathroom, organizing and, more importantly, maintaining the organization is easier.

– Sorted Simply

5. Use silicone mats to store hot hair tools

A great bathroom hack for keeping bathroom counters uncluttered is to stick a silicone hair tools mat on the inside of an acrylic bin to store hair straighteners, blow dryers, or curling irons easily in drawers or cupboards. Even if the hair tool is hot, the silicone mat helps prevent plastic from melting and allows you to put it away right after you use it. No more cords or hair tools taking up space on your precious countertops.

– Simply Done Organizing

6. Repurpose items for bathroom storage

Keep your bathroom tidy and easy to use. Cupboards, drawers, and cabinets should primarily store bathroom essentials, grooming, and beauty products but have fun storing your bathroom textiles. Think beyond traditional bathroom fixtures and repurpose vintage finds. Use items like vintage farming equipment, antique plumbing, and rustic hardware to add interest to your bathroom decor.

– Teri Kleemann Organizing and Home Revival

7. Use a utility cart as a moveable storage option 

If the storage space in your bathroom is limited, no problem! Use a three-tier metal utility cart in small spaces or those with no under-the-sink storage option. Not only are they functional for containing towels and daily necessities, but they’re cute and incredibly versatile.

– Simplified KC

8. Keep track of which items are recyclable

Print a one-pager showing which everyday bathroom items your local curbside recycling service takes and tape it to the inside of your medicine cabinet.

– Ridwell

9. Take advantage of vertical storage for easy bathroom organization

Declutter first and sort your items into categories so you can give everything in your bathroom a designated space. If you are short on space, utilize the vertical space in your cabinets and shelves with labeled pull-out drawers or stackable containers.

– Intuitive Solutions Home Organization

10. Use labels to keep everything in your bathroom organized

Think of your bathroom as a mini garage with zones and tags. Things will function easier, and mornings will go a lot smoother, especially for kids, if everyone has one or more of their own storage tubs. Kid’s names on the tub are a must. I like tubs with holes in the design; enough privacy, but enough to see what’s in there (& easy ability to grab with fingers).

– Room Solutions by Paula (Sacramento)

11. Create an easy-to-use organizing routine

Decide if you prefer everything in the open or put away. Put bulky items under the sink and out of the way. Lastly, label drawers, buckets, and holders so you can find what you need quickly.

– JB Organizing

12. Treat your bathroom like a spa

Your bathroom is where you prepare for and wash away each day, where you care for yourself and spend time thinking about your body; when you’re stressed, your thoughts often go negative, judging yourself and your body, which saps our energy for dealing with your life…and your clutter. Treat your bathroom like your personal spa or sanctuary to help prevent negative thoughts and day-to-day stress that often cause clutter.

– Unfolde

Luxury spas feel the way they do because they’re never cluttered and display items to look beautiful. Fold or roll the towels you are not using so they look crisp. Display them in a pretty basket or on a beautiful tray. Be sure to hang the towel you have used, so they don’t get musty.

– Luxury Pro Organizer

13. Maximize storage space above the toilet

Display bath towels, wash cloths, and cotton products on floating shelves above the toilet. This will give your bathroom a hotel-like ambiance and add storage and functionality to the space.

– Room to Breathe Professional Organizing

14. Utilize the space under the sink for storage when drawer space isn’t enough. 

There are incredible products on the market that you can use to maximize the area underneath your sink. Another tip would be to go through your items every six months. Bathrooms are the number one place people forget to go through. Check expiration dates and get right of anything you are no longer using.

– OrderUp Design

15. Get rid of anything that you’re no longer using

When it comes to organizing your bathroom, remove all the items in the linen closet and then sort them into categories. Ask yourself if you still use those products or if they’ve expired. When you place the items back into the closet, put them into baskets or containers by category and clearly label the bin. You will be happy every time you open that linen closet.

– Logical Placement

Look into local shelters that could use these items or find your local Buy Nothing Group (buynothingproject.org) to share them with neighbors. Do be careful not to share makeup as that can cause an infection, and do not gift anything that is obviously expired or smells off. Enjoy the gift of empty spaces that clearing things out gives you.

– Open Doors Organizing

16. Streamline your makeup collection

Make sure your makeup colors suit you. Have a color analysis done to find out what color lipstick, etc., you should wear. Purge all things that don’t suit you and keep the stuff that makes you look fabulous. Yes, it might have been expensive, but you’re not using it, so let it go and make a well-informed fresh start.

– Creating Space DC

17. Use divider trays to keep your bathroom drawers organized

Divide and conquer. To keep your bathroom drawers from looking like something exploded in there, use divider trays to keep everything organized. To better use the space under the sink, use two-tier shelving to double your space.

– Organizational Consulting Services

18. Don’t store more items than you need

While cute labels on bins or drawers with categories such as mouth, face, body, medicine, and hair are helpful, the real tip for organizing your bathroom is to store your extra items at the store. Use the store’s shelves and warehouse space for your backup soap, shaving cream, and lotions. Most bathrooms don’t have space for extra items. Don’t buy oversize bottles and containers if you don’t have space for them. When you get low on toothpaste or shampoo, that’s the time to replace those supplies.

– Organizing with Amy

19. Consider when and how often you use items in your bathroom

Organize the items in your bathroom by what time of day you use each item. Grouping things by the process you are using them for helps you quickly see the things you never use, and therefore gets rid of clutter.

– Sunbound

20. Keep your countertops clear and clutter-free

Avoid using your countertop as the “stop spot”, and put everything away after use. The visual clutter takes away from the refreshing ambiance this space should bring. Your space will feel much bigger and brighter with cleared-off countertops.

– About-Face Spaces, LLC

21. Sort bathroom items by category and store them in bins

Once you have gone through the process of clearing out, then sorting your products by category, store them in bins. Carefully consider size and accessibility as well as how much drawer, cabinet, and counter space you want to use. Stackable acrylic bins are an attractive way to organize your everyday items. Deep bins are great for containing overstock under the counter, and acrylic or bamboo drawer dividers help you find what you need and are both attractive and functional.

– OM Organizing Services

22. Organize bathroom items with a lazy Susan

There is nothing lazy about using a lazy Susan in your bathroom cabinet. Lazy Susans, which are available in multiple sizes, work very hard to keep all those pesky sprays and serum bottles standing tall and organized by category. You could also use one to organize your vitamins and prescriptions, hair ties and brushes, toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss picks or even cleaning products.

– The Serene Space