Thanksgiving “Giving Thanks” Pie Craft

Our FREE printable Thanksgiving pie craft encourages reflection on all the things that bring joy into our lives. Gratitude is the attitude!

Giving Thanks Pie Chart project takes approximately 5-10 minutes per pie to complete.

What You’ll Need (per pie):

  • Paper
  • Pencil/Pen/Crayons/Markers*
  • 1 brad (paper fastener)*
  • Gratitude

*for any of the items with an asterisk, alternative materials can be used. As always, our projects are designed in hopes that you are able to use everyday items from around your house.

Lastly, download and print our FREE Thanksgiving “Giving Thanks” Pie Craft Template, by click this link.


Step 1:

Start by filling out your chosen pie segment (3 options to choose from) with pictures or words of things you are thankful for.

Step 2:

Glue the completed pie segment to the outer pastry shell, being sure to align the circles.

Step 3:

Push a brad (paper fastener) through the chosen pie filling cover and the pastry decoration (if using).

Step 4:

Push it through your chosen pie segment and the outer pastry shell, through the center black dot. Open the brad legs on the back to secure.