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“In the clash of battle, a warrior’s spirit roars; yet through music’s harmony, we find unity, turning our hearts towards love and honor.”


Born in the ancient city of Troy during the height of the Trojan War, DJ Bronze Beatsmith was destined for greatness. As the son of a valiant warrior and a skilled musician, he inherited the best of both worlds. From a young age, he trained tirelessly to become one of Troy’s most celebrated heroes. His prowess in battle was unmatched, earning him the admiration of his fellow Trojans and the ire of his enemies.

While DJ Bronze Beatsmith’s heart lay in the heat of the battlefield, his soul resonated with the melodies of his ancestors. His mother, a talented harpist, shared her love for music with him, nurturing his growing passion for sound. As the war raged on, DJ Bronze Beatsmith began to experiment with ancient instruments, creating unique and captivating beats that would echo through the halls of Troy.

Word of DJ Bronze Beatsmith’s dual talents spread far and wide, and he soon became a symbol of hope for his people. His legendary acts of heroism on the battlefield were matched only by the breathtaking performances that enraptured his fellow Trojans. The power of music began to seep into his very being, and DJ Bronze Beatsmith could feel the tides of war shifting in favor of love and unity.

As the war reached its zenith, DJ Bronze Beatsmith faced a life-altering decision. Inspired by the strength and resilience of his people, he chose to lay down his sword and dedicate his life to spreading love through music. The selfless act resonated throughout the city, and the seeds of peace began to take root.

In the years that followed, DJ Bronze Beatsmith transformed from an epic Trojan hero to a master of the turntables. He traveled the world, sharing his unique blend of ancient melodies and modern beats, mesmerizing crowds with his signature bronze and gold aesthetic. Through his music, DJ Bronze Beatsmith built a legacy of unity, healing the scars of war and fostering a global community bound by the power of love.

Though the city of Troy now stands as a testament to the past, DJ Bronze Beatsmith’s musical journey continues to inspire future generations. His epic tale serves as a reminder of the transformative power of music and the potential for love to conquer even the most insurmountable odds.


Trojan Storage is immensely proud to have DJ Bronze Beatsmith, the legendary figure blending ancient Trojan valor with modern musical prowess, as the host and DJ of our world famous podcast, Trojan Storage Radio. His unique talent for uniting people through the power of music perfectly embodies our values, and we are thrilled to share his captivating beats and inspiring spirit with our community. Together, we embark on an epic journey of harmony and unity, celebrating the legacy of Troy through the universal language of music.


With over 10.5k listening hours, Trojan Storage Radio is NOW streamed in over 30+ countries across the GLOBE!

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Renowned radio personalities from around the world are raving about the exceptional talent of DJ Bronze Beatsmith. Check out what they have to say:

Ryan Seacrest: “DJ Bronze Beatsmith is a breath of fresh air! His unique fusion of ancient Trojan themes with modern beats creates an unparalleled musical experience. A must-listen!”

Annie Mac: “DJ Bronze Beatsmith’s artistry transcends time and space, weaving together epic tales of the past with infectious rhythms. His music is a captivating journey that leaves listeners spellbound.”

Charlamagne tha God: “DJ Bronze Beatsmith is a true innovator in the music scene. His ability to blend history with modern sounds is groundbreaking, and his passion for spreading love through music is truly inspiring.”

Zane Lowe: “The genius of DJ Bronze Beatsmith lies in his ability to transport listeners to a world where ancient heroes meet cutting-edge beats. I can’t wait to see what he creates next!”

Angie Martinez: “DJ Bronze Beatsmith’s one-of-a-kind style and energy are a testament to the transformative power of music. He has masterfully crafted an unforgettable sound that bridges the gap between the ancient and the contemporary.”