Stay Cool This Summer: Tips for Storing Heat-Sensitive Items

As the sun reaches its zenith, temperatures rise, and the heatwave rolls in, the summer season brings joy, holidays, and sometimes, the challenge of protecting heat-sensitive items. At Trojan Storage, we understand that storing such items can be a tricky task both in our facilities and at home. We’re not just here to rent you space; we want to provide you with valuable advice that ensures your stored belongings remain in great condition, no matter what the thermometer says.

Why Be Concerned About Heat?

Heat can be detrimental to many materials, causing them to warp, melt, dry out, or deteriorate. In some cases, the damage is reversible; in others, it’s not. Some items may seem invincible, but they can still suffer from high temperatures, whether stored at home or in a storage unit.

Which Items Are Heat-Sensitive?

Heat-sensitive items can range from electronics to personal documents, artwork, antiques, certain types of furniture, musical instruments, cosmetics, and even some types of wines. It’s crucial to understand how to store these properly at home or in storage to maintain their quality.

Best Practices for Storing Heat-Sensitive Items

Climate-Controlled Storage and Homes: The most effective solution for storing heat-sensitive items is a climate-controlled environment. This could be a storage unit or an air-conditioned home. They maintain a steady temperature and humidity level, which is vital for the preservation of many items.

Good Insulation: If climate-controlled units aren’t an option, make sure your storage or home is well-insulated. This can help buffer the effects of external temperature changes.

Avoid Plastic Covers: While it might be tempting to wrap everything in plastic for protection, it can trap heat and moisture, leading to mold, mildew, and heat-related damage. Use breathable materials like cotton sheets for covering items instead, whether you’re storing them in a unit or at home.

Proper Packaging: Use sturdy boxes and avoid packing items too tightly. Good air circulation can help mitigate the effects of heat, whether the items are in a storage unit or in a closet at home. For delicate items like artwork or antiques, consider using specialty boxes and packaging materials.

Careful Placement: Keep heat-sensitive items away from the storage unit’s door, which is often the most susceptible to outside weather. Also, avoid placing items directly on the floor where they might be affected by fluctuations in temperature.

By taking a few simple precautions, you can protect your valuable and heat-sensitive belongings from the summer heat, whether they’re stored in one of our units or safely at home. Remember, at Trojan Storage, we are always here to help. We offer a variety of storage options, including climate-controlled units, to meet your specific needs.

And remember, while summer may bring the heat, with thoughtful storage practices, there’s no reason your belongings can’t stay cool.