Back 2 School ‘Trojan Helmet’ Corner Bookmarks

Download our FREE printable corner bookmark template; and within a few minutes, you’ll have made your very own ‘Trojan Helmet’ that fits right over the corner of any page in your favorite book!

Trojan Helmet project takes approximately 7-10 minutes to complete.

What You’ll Need:

  • printer*
  • 1 sheet of paper (per bookmark)
  • scissors
  • tape/glue*
  • markers/crayons/pens/or pencils*

*for any of the items with an asterisk, alternative materials can be used. If you do not have access to a printer, cut any piece of paper into square, and you can still follow the origami folding steps to make a bookmark. As always, our projects are designed in hopes that you are able to use everyday items from around your house.

Lastly, download and print our FREE Back 2 School “Trojan Helmet” Corner Bookmark, by clicking this link.

Making The Corner Bookmark : Time Lapse Demonstration

Step by Step : Instructions

Step 1:

Print our FREE corner bookmark template. Neatly, cut round the edge of the square template.

Step 2:

Fold the paper square in half, using fold line 1, to make a triangle. For next step, position top corner of triangle pointing away from you.

Step 3:

Fold along fold line 2, matching up the corners, so that you can see one half of the Trojan helmet. Repeat with fold line 3 so you can now see the whole helmet.

Step 4:

Unfold these two halves of the helmet to show fold lines 2, 3 and 4 again. Using fold line 4, fold the top corner of the paper down (top layer of paper only) so it touches the bottom edge of the paper.

Step 5:

Use fold line 2 to refold the paper again, but this time tuck the blank section down the back of the helmet. Do this again for fold line 3.

Step 6:

Choose which ‘helmet topper’ option you would like for your bookmark and cut out neatly. Stick ‘helmet topper’ inside the pocket section of the bookmark.

Tip: If you choose to use glue, make sure glue has fully dried before using it in a book.


Color (or not) your ‘Trojan Helmet‘ corner bookmark however you fancy and never lose your place in your favorite book again!

What book will you use your ‘Trojan Helmet‘ corner bookmark on?

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